沙巴电竞官网 Research Groups


The Africa Research Group (沙巴电竞官网-ARG) is an interdisciplinary open platform dedicated to research on the African continent and its relationship with the rest of the world. 这是一个通过研讨会鼓励辩论和讨论的论坛, 沙巴app下载良好治理等关键发展问题的会议和小组讨论, democracy, arts and culture, conflict, poverty, natural resource-management, human rights, 区域主义、一体化和国际关系. 通过以上列举的活动, 该小组希望通过强有力的同行评议机制来加强研究质量. It provides a platform for collaboration and networking between 沙巴电竞官网 researchers with a focus on Africa and other researchers on the globe. And it promotes research and publications on Africa and its relations with other part of the world by 沙巴电竞官网 students and faculty.


The 冲突与安全研究小组 is a multi-disciplinary forum of academic exchange for students and faculty whose academic interests lie within the broad field of conflict and security studies. 研究小组所涵盖的主题包括, but are not restricted to, 种族和意识形态的内战, political violence, peace-building, third party intervention, conflict management, ethnic politics, diasporas and migration, nationalism, identity and foreign policy.


The 能源政策研究小组 of Central European University is a university-wide platform for energy policy research. 能源政策小组定期举办研讨会和能源政策系列讲座. EPRG欢迎来自沙巴app下载各学系的博士生和教师.


环境和社会正义行动研究小组是一个对话论坛, 研究和集体行动以促进和实现环境和社会正义.


全球南方研究小组(GSRG)汇集了学生, researchers, 以及对全球南方感兴趣的教师, 独立于其所属部门. 该组织旨在创建一个关注发展问题的网络, North/South relations, and regions such as Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific. We hold regular meetings during which the work of students and faculty can be debated and relevant literature can be discussed. In addition, the group organizes events at 沙巴电竞官网 in order to increase the visibility of the Global South focus across our academic community.


The 高等教育研究小组(HERG) was created on the initiative of two Public Policy PhD candidates and with support of 沙巴电竞官网 and faculty members of Department of Public Policy (Currently School of Public Policy). The group's primary aim is to bring together 沙巴电竞官网 faculty and students and foster collaborative research among those working in the field of higher education policy.


政治思想史研究小组是沙巴app下载的一个跨学科小组, 横跨整个大学的各个部门. 沙巴app下载定期举行讨论会, coming together to discuss readings of an interesting text from the history of political thought, 在一个活泼而非正式的环境中. 除了举办研究研讨会并邀请演讲者, 从欧洲统一大学内部和外部, HPTRG provides a great forum for presenting ongoing research projects in political thought and intellectual history very broadly conceived. The wide range of backgrounds of our members provides great opportunity for 沙巴电竞官网 students and faculty to engage with various disciplinary and normative perspectives in the field.

IPeersIP&IT Law Research Group

IPeers是沙巴电竞官网的一个研究小组,汇集了硕士和博士学生, researchers, faculty members and practitioners who share a genuine interest in the fields of intellectual property, information technology law and, more generally, law and innovation.

The IPeers research group regularly organizes meetings open to the 沙巴电竞官网 community and to external audiences with the aim to foster collaborative research in the related fields, 依靠法律的贡献, economic, 技术和社会学学科.

Labor Project

Academic and policy-relevant research on labor markets and other applied microeconomic issues in Central and Eastern Europe


中东和北非空间(MENAS) is a research group dedicated to the study of issues related to the Middle East and North Africa. 它被安置在布达佩斯的沙巴app下载, 在政治学系. MENAS的目的是汇集研究这些区域的学者. 它组织研讨会等活动, paper discussions, workshops, 以及电影之夜和阿拉伯语练习等社交活动.

Migration Research Group (MiRG)

移民研究小组(MiRG)为教师提供了一个平台, students and researchers from all disciplines and units at 沙巴电竞官网 who have an interest in the study of mobility and migration―key disciplines presented in the group include political science, public policy, international relations, 社会学与社会人类学, law, history, and network science. The group holds regular meetings for informal and congenial debate of migration topics and to discuss ongoing research of the members with a specialized audience. 它寻求促进其成员之间的合作研究. Additionally, it organizes events, workshops, 以及公开讲座,以提高沙巴app下载移民研究的知名度和影响力.


POLEMO是一个政治、道德和法律理论研究小组. It was established in 2011, centered around, but not limited to, 政治学系和哲学系的师生. Its main activities are meeting for philosophical analyses of the latest literature on the topic. 它还组织讲座和研讨会.


The Political Behavior Research Group (POLBERG) is a research-facilitating and learning environment for the study of political behavior and political communication. 它定期组织研讨会和论文报告, replication seminars, 以及沙巴电竞官网沙巴app下载研究方法和新兴研究议程的非正式会谈. The events are open to students and faculty from any 沙巴电竞官网 department as well as interested scholars at other academic institutions, 并为他们提供与专业观众讨论自己研究的机会.


Collaborative research among the 沙巴电竞官网 faculty and students working in the area of political economy, 主要集中在中欧和东欧地区.

Public Health Research Group

公共卫生研究具有巨大的广度和范围. The research group is interested in the full continuum of possible public health research topics.


The group focuses on the forms, causes, 以及文化生产在现当代社会中的作用. 参与者是研究人员和研究知识问题的高级博士生, art, media, 以及世界各地的政治, 有兴趣拓展自己的理论和学科视野. The group is hosted by and managed from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology but it is interdisciplinary in scope, 它的参与者对探索全球历史的交叉点很感兴趣, sociology, anthropology, political economy, political theory, policy studies, and social theory, 因为它们特别适用于文化研究. 该小组阅读或重读全球历史和世界系统分析方面的经典著作, with the aim of understanding what a macro-historical approach brings to the general understanding of the culture–politics–economy nexus. Contact: Ramnath_Shreya@phd.educationalfuturistics.com

Science Studies Research Group

The Science Studies Research Group examines the relations between scientific and technical forms of knowledge and the social, philosophical, and historical contexts that make these specialized practices both possible for experts and meaningful for their many audiences. Interdisciplinary of necessity, the group reflexively seeks combinations of interpretive inquiry and rational analysis that not only link disparate forms of scientific investigation, 但也要理解他们对社会的影响, industry, government, popular culture and daily life. 沙巴app下载有多个系参与科学研究活动:历史系, Philosophy, Sociology/Social Anthropology, Cognitive Science, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, and Medieval Studies. A general overview of Science Studies at 沙巴电竞官网 (including courses) and further afield may be found on our general page. 欲了解欧洲经济大学科学研究小组的最新活动,请浏览 Science Studies Laboratory.

South Asia Research Group

沙巴电竞官网南亚研究小组(SARG)是一个多学科的倡议,汇集了教师, 对南亚研究有着共同热情的教职员工和学生. 特区政府的定期活动包括研究研讨会, reading groups, film screenings, 文化庆典和圆桌会议.


空间测绘与分析研究小组 of the Central European University (沙巴电竞官网) aims to be a focal point of the university geospatial research and teaching activities. 由沙巴电竞官网环境系统实验室发起及主办(http://syslab.educationalfuturistics.com)的研究小组汇集了教员, researchers and students from various university departments and units covering the entire range of possible application of geospatial methods, 技术和软件包.